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July 15, 2021

Why You Need Life Insurance Coverage At An Early Age

Sure, life insurance offers more benefits with age. But, that’s not why experts suggest buying it while you’re young. Life insurance might not be the easiest thing to talk about. But, it’s a necessary coverage younger generations need to adopt. 

The fact is, you can cut costs on life insurance costs by purchasing early. And you might even benefit from picking up a plan early on.a group of young men standing next to a building 

Built Cash Value 

If you buy permanent life insurance at an early age, you can actually accumulate cash value. In the same way individuals invest money for retirement, you can draw interest upon your coverage. 

Sometimes, growing insurance companies dispose of their plans due to premium increases. If you’ve saved up cash value from your younger years, you can offset these financial difficulties. 

Better Work Coverage 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that three-fourths of full-time American workers can get employee life insurance plans. Because Millennials are buying diverse workers’ compensation packages, life insurance options have become more popular than ever. 

In fact, young workers are flocking to the benefits. Many employers give workers compensation coverage equal to twice their annual salaries. You can secure your financial future by claiming the benefits before you have a mortgage or a family. 

A “Forced Savings Vehicle” 

Life insurance acts as a “forced savings vehicle.” Unlike mutual funds, savings accounts, stocks and bonds, life insurance policies require constant investment. 

These policies essentially force the policyholder to put money aside for old age. If you’re young, a forced savings vehicle could be the tool you need. 

Lower Purchasing Costs 

It costs less to buy life insurance when you’re young. Your relatively low risk factor generally determines lower costs. If you’re younger, you’re likely healthier than the average first-time life insurance consumer — who won’t shop for policies until later in life, when serious medical conditions are likely present. 

If you can purchase a policy when you’re younger, you’ll have plenty of time to plan for emergencies. In general, it’s a good idea to maximize cost efficiency while having the most options available. 

Even if you’re aiming for a 20- to 30-year policy, you can still ensure the safety of yourself, your spouse and your children. 

If you’re looking to get started with life insurance coverage, we can help. Call Akin and Associates, Inc. at (256) 355-8500 for a free life insurance quote. 


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